Monday, July 1, 2013

Pronovias- World-known and Luxurious Wedding Dress Brand

Luxurious Wedding Dress
Have you ever seen sumptuous wedding dresses which make you desire to wear? Or do you want to be princess on your own wedding? Then Pronovias is definitely your dream choice. You’ll never be disappointed! 

Found nearly a century ago in Barcelona, Spain, Pronovias brings a new fresh taste to the bride world. As one of global luxury brands of wedding dresses, Pronovias is beloved by celebrities like Elizabeth II, Madonna and so on. Love, fashion, dream, beauty, elegance and tradition are key words and focus advocated by Pronovias . It is the best wedding dress brand in the world. In Paris, London, New York, Cairo and Tokyo, there are branch shops of Pronovias. The average prices of its wedding dresses span from €600 to €12.000. With classic silhouettes and touches of timeless glamour, Pronovias outpours elegance and nobility, from formal to informal. 

The year 2013 has already passed a half, a new year is coming! To welcome this new start, Pronovias recently held a fashion show to presented 2014 new wedding dress trend. Here is making-of of the fashion show, and you can get super useful fashion information from it. For a Pronovias fan, the show will absolutely bring you an exciting feel. 

On the show, Pronovias wedding dresses are adorned with lace, beaded embroidery and shining sequins. The Spanish brand invited 1400 processional retailers, 400 fashion editors and social celebrities from all over the world to watch the show.

The two-day show offers 67 new wedding dresses of Aterlier Pronovia series which blend a variety of elements such as lace, chiffon, tulle and crystal. Passementerie, tassel, feather and long-sleeve wedding dresses are highlights in the show. 

Facing such famous and glamorous wedding dresses which can make you cause a splash, how can you just look at them rather than foot the bill?

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Why White Heels for 2013 Fashion Trends?

Many celebrities have taken out their high heeled shoes to render a new trend of fashion. There are ample numbers of color combinations available into the heels. One trend that particularly catches the most of looks is wearing the white heels. White color looks attractive and decent. Moreover, white color has become a symbol for showing prosperity and wealth. This trend frequently gets to see into the old movies. 

Nevertheless, white heels give the feel of 90s. Many times it seems that 90s time has backed. White heels are popular because celebrities feel pride to wear this trend not only on the ramp but also on a red carpet. You may have seen Ginnifer Goodwin and Olivia Munn walking with white heels on a red carpet. In year 2013 fashion trends have turned their faces towards the white heels. Since the celebrities have started using white heels the style has become more popular than previous.(Source:Higheelsvogue)

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013Summer Fashion Trends for Women

What will you be wearing for that upcoming warm weather getaway, beach vacation, or just in general this summer? Let me help you decide.  The latest styles in trendy women's swimwear, women's summer tops, women's shorts, women's sundresses, maxi skirts, summer handbags, flip flops, and women's summer jewelry is featured. Its time to vamp up your wardrobe for vacation girls! Find out what's going to be trendy in fashion for Summer 2013 and see if you'll be adding any of these summer fashion trends to your summer wardrobe.

1.Aquamarine Crystal Jewelry
Wearing women's summer jewelry is the best way to dress up any outfit whether its casual or dressy this season. This 2013 summer season women's jewelry is actually as hot as the weather! Diamond jewelry, crystal jewelry, gemstone jewelry, pearl jewelry, gold jewelry, or silver jewelry will keep you in trend.

If you want jewelry that is extra special to wear while on vacation or when you just want to add some sparkle to your look, crystal jewelry is the perfect choice. Seriously, anytime I wear crystal jewelry I always get compliments. Crystal sparkles in a way that simply draws the eye, you can't help to admire crystal jewelry on the wearer.

Feminine and modern, this pair of pierced crystal earrings sparkles in soft and summery blue tones. Each Swarovski crystal earring features a dangling Aquamarine crystal in an exclusive cut. Complete your summer look with the matching pendant.
2.Trendy Summer Dresses
This tropical animal print dress is perfect for the resort, an evening out dancing, or anytime this summer to just want to look simply amazing.

3.Summer Women's Maxi Skirts
The long, flowing style of a maxi skirt is such a cool and relaxed summer fashion and is so much more than a music festival staple. Just remember to keep the hem at least an inch off the ground. Pair a maxi skirt with a tank top and cute pair of sandals and you're ready to go!

Treat yourself this season with this Multi Zig Zag skirt by Karen Kane. Featured crochet chevron skirt is easy to wear with its pull on waistband, too. This head turning women's skirt is sure to become your favorite wow piece. Pair it with a simple cold shoulder knot top and wedges for a seaside look that's full of sass.

4.Trendy Womens Crop Pants
Try the newest fit in these trendy women's cropped pants that are so figure flattering! The stretch makes it contour to any body type. You'll love the way you look and feel in these summer crops! Make sure when you wear these pants you stay neutral for your top. A nice cream colored or black blouse that is tucked in (long sleeved or short) with a cute skinny belt perhaps? Also stay nude colored or black with your shoes and other accessories. You want these pants to be the statement of your entire outfit.

5.Trendy Women's Sunglasses

In 2013,OzealGlasses launch new glasses series: summer collection 2013.Bright colour and exquisite design, which Honey girl's favorite? Ozeal glasses here will brighten you up!

6.Zipper Tank Top
With days getting warmer, this women's summer top is the perfect solution in what to wear. This tank top features a comfortable lose fitting, soldier gold zipper, and thin crisscross back straps. Shown in pink, it's available in other colors. Pair it with your favorite shorts, put on some sunglasses and have fun!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Best Ponytail Styles

The ponytail
The very best ponytail styles. Everyone knows how to style a classic pony but do you know about all the fun and fancy ponytail styles? Learn six new ways to dress up this classic. These variations only take seconds and add tons of flare. Get your hair up and out of your way style.

No elastic pony

This is one of my favorites. I really think it adds class to this style. The very best part is that it takes next to no time at all. You will need a small bobby pin and a hair tie.

What to do next
Put your hair in your usual pony tail leaving a small section out.
Take this section of hair and wrap it around the elastic.
Tuck the end underneath and secure with a small bobby pin if needed.

The pony with a bump

This can be done two different ways. You can put a bump in the front of your hair or in the back closer to your ponytail.

You will need a pony tail holder, a comb and a couple of bobby pins.

What to do next
Before putting your ponytail in tease your hair (front or back your choice)
Comb over the top leaving the volume.
Take the hair and push it forward creating a bump.
Secure with bobby pin.
Now put your hair into a ponytail and your done.

Curly pony

This one is pretty self explanatory but it looks super cute. It can also be paired with accessories. The curly pony looks very elegant.

You will need a curling iron and a hair tie.

What to do next
Put your hair into a ponytail
Separate your hair into manageable sections.
Curl each section with your curling iron

Side pony

This is a really fun look. The high side ponytail was especially popular in the 80s so its kind of retro. Right now low side pony tails are very popular.

You will need an elastic hair tie.

What to do
Gather your hair all the way to one side.
Smooth out any bumps.
Secure with a pony tail holder

This look can be worn with no elastic look worn curly or whatever you can think of really. This is a change from the regular pony but not to drastic.

The high pony

I always think of athletes when I see these like cheerleaders and tennis players. This one will definitely keep your hair out of the way. Athletes are not the only ones who wear the high pony tail even celebrities wear high pony tails.

You will need a hair tie

What to do
Gather your hair up at the very top of your head (I find this easiest to do with my head upside down)
Smooth out any bumps and loose pieces.
Secure with a hair tie.

I think this looks very pretty with bump in the front and maybe even curled.

The low pony tail

The low ponytail the opposite of the high ponytail but just as cute. The low pony has become more and more popular especially low side ponytails.

You will need a hair tie.

What to do
Gather your hair together at the base of your neck.
Secure with a hair tie.

You can also do a low side pony the only difference is gathering your hair at one side instead of in the back.

Fashion 2013, Hot Trends and Cool Outfits

Splash of delicious colors and creative floral prints in the hottest trends of summer season 2012! Expect the unexpected with one of the most authentic season ever with outfits and accessories to remember. Starting from 2012 dresses and high heel shoes and continuing with impressive skirts and colorful tops, thissummer all the great trends are being explored in various ways by women all around the world. Express yourself freely and get in touch with the latest trends of fashion 2013. 
What is new in fashion for the year 2013?

Evening dresses and gowns for an authentic fashionista

If you're on the lookout for new and inspiring 2012 outfits, then you'll have to get in touch with the latest trends when it comes to evening dresses. Your look will be successfully improved with bright colored dresses such as strawberry red, lime green and orange peach which will give you a natural glow. Most commonly evening gowns may have floral elements pined throughout the entire design to give you an elegant and original appearance wherever you go.

Elegant skirts and chic tops for an active women

It is known that all the women around the world have the need to diversify daily and evening outfits to celebrate their everyday natural creative senses. Embrace your instincts and create elegant outfits with beautiful skirts in unexpected designs for slim legs and tight waste. If summer is the season of ripe fruits, then try colorful and printed tops in unique combinations for an outstanding look 24 hours. All active women need 2012 skirts and tops for a marvelous ensemble that will contribute to a diva look! 
Sensational shoes and bright accessories for a royal princess

This season, all the summer shoes are being taken over by high heels with platforms and chic peep toe designs. Enjoy a pair of sensational shoes by wearing them with an elegant or casual outfit and be amazed by the effects you'll be spreading all around you. Don't forget to accessorize with bright and shiny jewelry in different colors and designs in order to capture a royal look at all times.
(Fashion Source:

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Monday, June 10, 2013

How to Become a Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists (also known as wardrobe stylists) are experts at knowing how to put together stunning outfits. They have an innate sense of what clothing and accessories will work well together, and a passion for staying on top of fashion trends. Nearly every look you see in magazines, on television, on CD covers, and on the red carpet has been put together by a fashion stylist. If you have a sixth sense for fashion and the drive to succeed at making it in the fashion business, this may be the career for you. 

What skills and personality traits do you need to be a fashion stylist?

Fashion stylists need to be go-getters, people who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and take the initiative. Making connections is a huge part of this business, so you need to be outgoing and personable to succeed, as well as unafraid of self-promotion. Fashion stylists need to be confident in their talent, fearlessly innovative and creative in their thinking. When budget or time deadlines throw a bump in the styling process, a stylist needs to be able to think on his or her feet and come up with a solution.

Along with being detail oriented and knowledgeable of fashion trends, a fashion stylist needs to know how to fit clothes to a client. What looks good on a runway model may not look good on a socialite, and a stylist should be able to make every client look flawless. Working for high profile designers and clients, a fashion stylist will need to be able to humbly take direction while also being able to lead.

Do you need a degree to become a fashion stylist?

There is not one standard route to becoming a fashion stylist, and while a degree can certainly help your credentials, having one is not a necessity. This career is more about connections and self-marketing. If you would like to obtain a degree, you can look into fashion design, fashion marketing or fashion merchandising programs. More importantly, study up on fashion history, designers, styling techniques and trends. Learn to use fashion and entertainment industry terminology, and research networking tips and tricks. Budgeting and administrative skills are also important for fashion stylists.

What are the first steps to becoming a fashion stylist?

After honing in your skills in styling, and increasing your knowledge of fashion trends and terminology, seek out a fashion styling internship or an assistant stylist position. These usually will not be paying gigs, but you will be building your portfolio, your network and your experience. Sometimes these positions can lead to interviews and jobs with other stylists.

Every fashion stylist needs to build their own “book” or portfolio, which is used as a business card. Keep a book of photos of every shoot you help style to portray your work to potential employers. Team up with local makeup artists, hair stylists, models and photographers who are also looking to build their portfolio, and set up a shoot. This is referred to as a test shoot.

Accept any job you can get when you are first starting (paying or not) in order to build your portfolio and your connections. Network at parties, benefits, dinners and other social gatherings, and remember – every person may be a future connection. Always dress your best, styling yourself in a way that represents how you would dress clients while staying within your current budget. Begin to develop your niche, or signature style, to show people you have a statement to make in fashion.

Where should a fashion stylist be located?

To be highly successful as a fashion stylist, you need to live where the fashion is happening. The two fashion hot spots in America are Los Angeles and New York City. If becoming a celebrity wardrobe stylist is your goal, you may want to consider moving to LA. If your desire is to work with designers and editorial, consider New York. When you are first starting out, wherever you land an internship may be the place you need to go.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Contemporary Pendant Lighting Lightens the Beauty of the Room

Who doesn’t love to décor own house? There is no other task as pleasant as self-home decoration. You could do anything that could enhance the inner as well as outer beauty of your house. Many times, self decoration turns out stunning and eye-catching than the house which is decorated from a professional interior designer. However, the exact knowledge of painting, coloring, lighting and papering is essential. You could apply contemporary pendant lighting that mostly gets suited with all kinds of homes. 

If you are planning for adopting contemporary pendant lighting then always keep in mind that there is a huge variety available in this category and you need to make correct decision on the selection. You are suggested to utilize pendant made from glass instead of those made from fabric shaded material. Glassy pendant reflect more light than fabric pendants. Also, contemporary pendant lighting turns effective during a day as well as night times. Since modern pendant lighting includes glassy pendant, you are suggested to décor your hall or kitchen with one such masterpiece.(Source: OzealGlasses and Lightslighten)