Monday, July 1, 2013

Pronovias- World-known and Luxurious Wedding Dress Brand

Luxurious Wedding Dress
Have you ever seen sumptuous wedding dresses which make you desire to wear? Or do you want to be princess on your own wedding? Then Pronovias is definitely your dream choice. You’ll never be disappointed! 

Found nearly a century ago in Barcelona, Spain, Pronovias brings a new fresh taste to the bride world. As one of global luxury brands of wedding dresses, Pronovias is beloved by celebrities like Elizabeth II, Madonna and so on. Love, fashion, dream, beauty, elegance and tradition are key words and focus advocated by Pronovias . It is the best wedding dress brand in the world. In Paris, London, New York, Cairo and Tokyo, there are branch shops of Pronovias. The average prices of its wedding dresses span from €600 to €12.000. With classic silhouettes and touches of timeless glamour, Pronovias outpours elegance and nobility, from formal to informal. 

The year 2013 has already passed a half, a new year is coming! To welcome this new start, Pronovias recently held a fashion show to presented 2014 new wedding dress trend. Here is making-of of the fashion show, and you can get super useful fashion information from it. For a Pronovias fan, the show will absolutely bring you an exciting feel. 

On the show, Pronovias wedding dresses are adorned with lace, beaded embroidery and shining sequins. The Spanish brand invited 1400 processional retailers, 400 fashion editors and social celebrities from all over the world to watch the show.

The two-day show offers 67 new wedding dresses of Aterlier Pronovia series which blend a variety of elements such as lace, chiffon, tulle and crystal. Passementerie, tassel, feather and long-sleeve wedding dresses are highlights in the show. 

Facing such famous and glamorous wedding dresses which can make you cause a splash, how can you just look at them rather than foot the bill?

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